Last of the Atlantic Photos

Rick and Andy Relax After Dinner

Rick and Andy Relax After Dinner

I have uploaded a big set of photos to Flickr showcasing the amazing wind, rain, sun, swells, and crew experience of the last half of our Atlantic crossing. Live our experience by viewing our Flickr photos.


Day #25: One Nice Day

14° 45.8 N 52° 11.6 W at Noon Local

Bodrum, Turkey to Bridgetown, Barbados

Noon to noon distance 145 NM

Noon distance to Barbados 447 NM

Yesterday was what all the brochures promised. A beautiful afternoon, steady winds, and moderate seas. Easy watches. A comfortable ride for those off watch. And a new single day distance record for Van Kedisi.

All four of us were in the cockpit as the sun set yesterday evening. As the sun got close to the horizon it would disappear behind big ocean swells. A moment later it would appear under the clew of the poled out genoa. Before we knew it the sun kissed the horizon and within a minute or two had disappeared.

After dinner, David put on Diana Krall’s Live in Rio video on his iPad in the main cabin. Andy was on watch and he took breaks sitting on the cabin doorsill watching the video with the rest of us. Behind him the full moon rose shining down as Van Kedisi sailed on into the night.

Today, the sea is gun metal grey again, although it still has those amazing patches of white and turquoise where wave crests break. Slate grey squalls come through packing sustained winds of 40 knots. The swell is at odds to the wind direction, slewing Van Kedisi down wave fronts and throwing things across the cabin. The off watch is hunkered in their bunks resting and dealing as best they can with the boat motion.

Watch on and watch off we look after each other taking the wind and waves as nature gives it to us. Van Kedisi continues to bob along the Atlantic Ocean making distance as we sail closer to Barbados.