Letters from Malta

Dick, Dean, and Marie arrived safely in Malta. They planned on a short stop, so Dick did not bother with an Internet connection. He continued to send Marian updates via the shortwave radio.

Date: 6 August, 2013 10:22:00 AM PDT

We had a nice day walking through the city of Valetta looking across the Grand Harbour at the forts that are the subject of the Great Seige of 1565. Masses of tourists from the cruise ship Aurora that we heard on the vhf at the same time we were checking in.

We had a long walk – almost a trek – through Valetta to look across the Grand Harbour at the forts that are the subject of the great seige of 1565. I found a book on Malta’s history and bought it.

After 10 beers at the local watering hole we all agreed that the beer is no good and we are leaving! We will head north just 12 miles to an anchorage and windguru shows sort of favourable winds for Syracuse after that.

Love my HF radio. Installed the new compass today.


Date: 8 August, 2013 9:38:00 AM PDT

Yes, it seems quick to leave Malta, but it is just a burnt rock. We had a nice time at the Island of Comino. Ran around it twice.

We have looked ahead on the schedule and there are things we can do on the way. Mount Etna and the island of Vulcano. And if we are early getting to Sardinia we can go up the east side and visit Corsica before crossing to Menorca.

Also, windfinder showed the only westerly for a while to get us across the Malta Channel and on up to Siracuse before the northerlies start again. It is a night passage to take advantage of the wind. We are 15 miles into the 85 mile passage at 1835.

I have followers – how bizzare!


Letters from the Ionian

Last week Dick, Dean, and Marie sailed from Cephalonia, Greece across the Ionian Sea to Malta. On board Van Kedisi, Dick sent Marian updates on their passage using the short wave radio.

Date: 5 August, 2013 9:38:00 AM PDT

Motoring into the sunset with a dozen dolphins at the bow. No wind – nice stop mid-ocean for swim and laundry. Autopilot stopped working but just needed sorting out. Valetta in the morning.


Date: 5 August, 2013 4:13:00 PM PDT

It is 0200 here, Dean just came on watch. There are 6 ships anchored up ahead, 20 miles out from Malta in 100m depth! Lovely night. We sail whenever possible – even 2 knots – but there is only 5 knots of wind so we are motoring. Should be in Valetta around 0800.

The AIS we installed in Argostoli is working great. More than 100 ships in a 100 mile radius. Takes a lot of the guess work out, but you still have to look for boats that do not have it. Have figured out light levels and all that for the instruments. Everybody was very very very happy to have the autopilot working after being down for 6 hours. Marie did a circle, Dean wandered all over when it happened – in the dark, sails up, freighters near by and a cup of tea!

I surprised myself that I got the new computer working with the HF radio and the modem in 1/2 an hour. It is great!

All is well here

Take care