Andy Leighton Reading Off Los Christanos, Tenerife

Andy Leighton Reading Off Los Christanos, Tenerife

We sailed overnight from Pasito Blanco at the south end of Grand Canaria to Los Christanos on the southeast corner of Tenerife. Having just arrived from Vancouver Monday, I found the motion and action of the Van Kedisi a challenge. Thankfully the rest of the Van Kedisi crew let me off having to do watches—rest and Gravol will see me ready for the Atlantic crossing.

Once we were safely anchored, Andy joined us in the cockpit. Today I write about what an amazing individual Andy is. As someone outside the family, I’ve watched as Andy has grown and developed. At the start of 2013, Andy dedicated himself to doing five Olympic style triathlons a week hoping to reach a total of 250 during the year. As Andy started his program, he realized the toll that his body was taking and reduced his goal to four triathlons a week to reach a total of 200. In September, as the gruelling physical activity continued to take its toll on Andy’s body, he decided to stop at 128 Olympic triathlons for the year. And to join Dick and the rest of us on our Atlantic adventure crossing.

Achieving 128 triathlons in less than a year is outstanding and what makes this extraordinary is that Andy didn’t take on this challenge for himself. He dedicated his activities to raising money for Right to Play. Right to Play’s mission is to make sports accessible to kids in parts of the world where there is no support for youth sports. It is rare today to find a young person being altruistic and dedicating there efforts to make such a different in the world.

Now it’s your turn. I want to encourage all of us to recognize Andy’s dedication by making a donation on his Right to Play donation page.

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