This will be a short post but I wanted everyone who follows this blog to know that VK will soon be on the move again but for the first time she will travel on a ship. If you read the last post written in early January there was no ship involved. During the months of preparation, Dick and Maurie frequently discussed the unusual winds for the season and sailing in the “roaring forties” may have meant going further south, potentially thousands more nautical miles to an already difficult passage. Seven Stars, the shipping company Dick had been in touch with in the fall, called him again and with some negotiation, it was decided that Van Kedisi would travel by ship to Papeete, Tahiti.

As always with sailing it is possible to tell others when or where the boat will be, but never both simultaneously. Thus the date for departure was reckoned to be mid March to early April. Tickets were bought for the flights to Tahiti for the crew following the loading but those changed at least twice twice I think as the “Damgracht” was delayed due to cyclones on the Australian coast.

Finally Van Kedisi was loaded in the early evening of March 30th and her crew now await flights. Dick says it seems strange to be on land without a boat but soon enough he, Maurie, Steven and Heidi will be aboard along with Maurie’s wife Maureen who will join for a couple of weeks of sailing in French Polynesia.

Maurie took the following photos from 1.5 nautical miles distance away from the dock. I read that no one would be allowed to be aboard the boat as it was lifted but Dick said the ship’s tender disappeared and the only alternate way to depart VK was to get a ride up and then go down the gangplank of Damgracht. The ship is 150 meters long! Heidi met them with our van and now they await the flights and the journey ahead.

I was in NZ for a month  but will save that for another post. I am not sure if Dick left the inReach on so we may not be able to track VK until Tahiti unless some of you techies find the site Maurie had where he was able to follow the Damgracht’s journey to NZ.

The “following photos” really means following later as I do not seem to have the add image link on the toolbar as normal. I am giving up the struggle for tonight but will publish anyway.


Wow! Somehow I got one here! More to be grateful for.




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