Experience the Trade Winds

When sailing across oceans we all look for trade wind routes. Winds that blow steadily from the same direction so that you can sail twenty four hours a day at close to the maximum boat speed.

On our passage from the Cape Verde Islands to Barbados, the trade winds set up about the third day out. While there was a lot of variability, no two days were ever the same, we did have winds blowing Van Kedisi at over six knots. With the trade winds set up, ocean swells grow in size. Van Kedisi would do over fourteen knots surfing down big swells.

In this video, we have captured the experience of being in the trade winds and the big swells. This video includes footage of each of the four crew members on the Atlantic crossing: Dick Leighton, Rick Lane, Andy Leighton, and myself at the helm dealing with the boat motion. Enjoy.


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